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Taxi Beclean

Available numbers you can call to order a taxi.

Taxi BYS
- 0756680066
Taxi Baltagu
- 0757722277

Taxi K
- 0740212211
- 0745761274
- 0756841684
Taxi Bebe
- 0755600730

Taxi Mihaita
- 0740879947
Taxi Driver
- 0752588080
- 0745996745
- 0749534616
- 0745256470

Taxi Virgil
- 0745329319
- 0753737653
Taxi Tica
- 0740841020

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About Beclean

Beclean on Somes, with a total population of about 10,404 inhabitants, is a city in Bistrita-Nasaud county, located in the Transilvanian plateau, at the confluence between the Somesul Mare and Sieu rivers. Beclean city, with a history of over 780 years, is a documentary attestation from 1235. The history of Beclean does not start here. The specialists attest the inhabitation of these territories in the paleolithic era.

At a distance of several tens of kilometers are the Rodnei Mountains, declared National Park and Nature Reserve, some of the most beautiful and spectacular mountains of Romania, Bargaului Mountains, with the Tihuta pass, where hundreds of years ago the castle was guarded between mountains. - the fortress of Count Dracula the one without death, a character whose immortal legend is inspired by real encampments spent on Transilvanian lands centuries ago.

Also near Beclean, very visible in the clear days, there are also the Tibles Mountains, a majestic mountain massif, which watches the country and impresses with its splendor and the richness of its fauna and flora. Other mountains that are very close to Beclean, about 50 kilometers away, are Calimani Mountains, declared National Park and Natural Reserve. Mountain formation of volcanic nature, Calimanii represents the largest volcanic crater (extinct at present), with a diameter of about 10 km.

Landmarks in Beclean:

  • Baile Figa - spa complex
  • Reformed Church - Calvin - Gothic style
  • St. Stephen's Roman-Catholic Church
  • Bethlen Castles - former residence of the Bethlen family
  • Bethlen Castle (I) Pal - baroque style
  • Bethlen Castle II - currently hosting a school
  • Hunting Castle Bethlen (III)
  • Bileag Hill
  • Beclean stud
  • At the Cross - Belvedere Point - on the top of Bileag Hill
  • The Hunting House Museum
  • Suspended bridge over the Somes River - 144 m - the longest in Romania
  • Baile Figa archaeological site
  • Coldau archaeological site


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