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Hello, dear friends!

There were 3 years of break, mostly due to the pandemic but also to economic difficulties, 3 years in which we stayed away from each other but with the hope that one day we will meet again. After 3 years of break, the most beloved festival of rock and historical reenactment returns and reinvents itself. There were 3 years of break, mostly due to the pandemic but also the economic difficulties, 3 years in which we stayed away from each other but with the hope that one day we will see each other again. So the Transilvania Celtic Festival is reborn, and it depends only on you if it will live and grow bigger. There was a 3 year hiatus during which we reflected and looked for solutions so that our annual meeting could take place as before. We were hoping to meet again sooner, even in 2022, but we did not find the necessary resources. I tried various options but none of them were the right solution. We sat for a long time and thought, we also consulted with a good part of you, those who kept in touch with us online or we met on various occasions face to face, and at your suggestion, forced by circumstances, we decided that the 7th edition will be a paid one. It will be a test edition, an edition that will prove whether this festival really matters to you and you want it to grow, or it was just a fad of ours, loved only because it was free. It is the only solution to be able to continue and increase in value. A test edition at the end of which we will see if we can take the step towards a higher league or we will put an end to it. In the next period we will put the tickets on sale on the ticketing platforms. Their prices we think are decent and we hope they cover the expenses. We are optimistic that you will support us in large numbers and we promise that you will not regret choosing to spend the weekend of July 21-23, 2023 at our festival. The event will be structured the same as previous years: rock concerts and reenactment. Also, in addition to these, you have a lot of possibilities for recreation and entertainment: Baile Figa, the Legacy recreational center that will be inaugurated this fall, also located near us and Baile Figa, the Beclean Stud Farm, hiking trails, etc. The transport from Beclean to Figa will be very easy because starting from 2021 the public transport network with electric buses will operate in the city. The food and drink part of the festival will be quality and decently priced, as we're used to. That's all there is to say for a start. We'll be back with various details and updates along the way. See you at the festival!

Celtic - the magic of passion

The Celtic Transilvania Festival is a complex event, unique in Romania, and even in Eastern Europe, in which the activities of historical reconstruction of the Celtic period of Transilvania, with folk, rock and metal music are harmoniously combined.
This is an event for the whole family, from grandchildren to grandparents..

If you love folk, rock and metal music, historical reconstruction, especially from the Celtic period of Transilvania (La Tene), you like to sit in the tent in the middle of nature, you hate to listen to your favorite artists in enclosed or fenced spaces, to stand in huge queues , you hate being away from the stage and you can't get in touch with the artists then the CELTIC TRANSILVANIA FESTIVAL is exactly what you are looking for!


In each of the 3 evenings of the festival you will have concerts by bands or valuable artists.
Only here you can be close to the stage or interact with the artist to a beer, in a natural, friendly environment.


Also, within this event we intend to bring to the public's attention, through a unique atmosphere, lesser-known aspects of the life of Celts and other ancient civilizations that lived between the sec. VI. B.C. - IV A.D. in the immediate vicinity of our city. You have the opportunity to see the story that you read in books, or to find out new things.


For the 7th edition we tried to take into account your suggestions from the feedback questionnaire launched after the 6th edition, in the line-up, as well as in the historical reconstruction program.


Those who come from other cities can camp at the tent in the immediate vicinity of our location, can stay at the cottages in the holiday village of Băile Figa or the multitude of hostels in the area.
So do not forget, between 21-22-23 July 2023 get ready to spend 3 days and 3 unforgettable days and nights!
We are waiting for you!

Historical reconstruction

The public will take part in a series of historical reconstruction activities related to the specific period of time that we want to bring to the discussion and will be structured so as to please all age categories.


  • celtic clothing exhibitions;
  • demonstration fighting 1-1, 2-2;
  • archery demonstrations;
  • dacian cavalry demonstration;
  • battle of the celts demonstrations;
  • gladiator fights;
  • weapons presentation;
  • presentation of the military life of the Roman garrison;
  • roman military organization and tactics;
  • fight between barbarians and Romans;
  • roman and barbarian artistic activities (dances, music).

Image Image

Interactive activities with the public (children and adults):

  • archery;
  • Dacian games;
  • Celtic games;
  • weaving workshop;
  • wood processing workshop;
  • workshop for making shirts from iron rails;
  • jewelry workshop;
  • blacksmith workshop.

These activities will be supported by reenactment troops from the country and abroad, consisting mainly of specialists, archaeologists and historians, for a historical reconstruction as close to reality as possible. The reconstructions will be carried out on the basis of scientific information and data from research.

Rock concerts

In addition to the demonstrative and interactive activities in the 7th edition, an important place is held by the concert grouped by musical genres. Concerts take place every evening of the festival. The concerts will be held by artists in vogue of the chosen genres, both from Romania and abroad, invited on non-commercial value criteria.

From the numerous requests from various bands and artists, both in Romania and abroad, we have chosen some according to certain criteria and based on the public's preference.


Fairs and exhibitions

During the festival there will be organized stands with handicraft products to which artisans and folk craftsmen will be invited to exhibit / sell their creations, stands with traditional food products, stands with sponsors' products, information stands, etc.


Recreational activities

During this year's edition, the public will also have sports competitions and competitions specific to the ancient period included in the event's specific as well as various entertainment areas where surprise activities will take part.

Motorcycle festival

During the 2023 edition we will be developing a lot of what we started in previous editions regarding the part of the festival for motorcycle lovers. Besides the classic parade on the route Baile Figa - Beclean we will also have motorcycle exhibition in the city center and at the festival location as well as specific competitions. These activities will be carried out with the help of partner motorcycle clubs.


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